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A minority lottery winner, I have spent my life getting to see the world through others perspectives. Originally from small-town Ohio I alway felt out of place and yearned for something more. Bored with school and wanting to escape my personal life,I dove deep into learning about the world, other cultures, people, and what makes us human. 
I figured I’d always be in Ohio, a little out of place and bit out of step with my peers. To the ridicule of the adults around me, in college I decided I was going to get a degree in communications, deeply fascinated by humanity, what motivates us, and how we share that with others. 

In my second year I was determined to go on my first solo trip out of the state. With a mixture of naivety, enthusiasm and a willingness to get lost, I set out, only to come back a very different person. Having started dancing the year prior after a rough break-up, I decide NYC would be where I came into my own as a dancer. Then fell in love, with travelling, the city, and spending time with people from all over. Dance could be a way not only to express myself, connect with others, but also to connect with my own heritage.

When I began teaching, I applied a lot of what I’d learned being a minorities minority as a kid and the degree I was earning. Suddenly it dawned on me that through dance
I could also teach people more about themselves and others. Only to find I was often teaching about Black culture and history as often as I was teaching movement.

Today I create, lecture, write and teach. Pulling from my wide interests and experiences I create art and educational resources for people to explore themselves and understand others.

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