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Grey Armstrong


My Story

Grey wants to live in a world filled with an appreciation of black culture, combat boots that double as dance shoes, and the ability to fall asleep outside of the hours of 3-6 am.

As a renaissance man, Grey strings together a variety of unique life and professional experiences that informs the work he does. With dance classes and lectures over the world, a blog with world wide readership and an ability to bring hard topics back down to earth, Grey is always working towards interesting new ideas. 

Grey’s group classes and lectures have been super informative and awesome. Grey obviously spends a lot of time doing research and planning his lessons. I always come out feeling like some kinda magic just got performed. How’d he do that? Always learn some really awesome stuff from him..”

– Majorie



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My Journal

This is my journal that covers a varitey of topics and thoughts. Although mostly focused on dance, it’s a great place to hear my thoughts in a way that is causual but hopefully thought provoking.

Don’t just practice!

Don’t just practice!

As much of the world is moving so much of our social dances to online mediums, I’m noticing an increase of focus on trying new skills, solo dancing, and practice. There are groups and lessons and training and world wide challenges. But, as an instructor, I’m beginning...

Welcome to Grey’s blog

Hey y'all. I'm excited to be launching a blog along side obsidiantea.com (if you haven't been reading that where have you BEEN) for more of my personal musings on dance, expression and art. as Obsidian becomes so bigger than me I find myself having so much I want to...

Intimidation, Mental Health and Cuttin’

Intimidation, Mental Health and Cuttin’

*this is from a practice prior to covid-19. Don’t @ me I’m loooking up into the eyes of one of my dearest friends and I, for the first time I am afraid. I fight the urge to step back, to look away to hide, as my mind reminds me of all my insecurities… loudly. I, for...

Hard Reflections

Hard Reflections

As I settle into this new strange part of life I can’t help but look back on the past year. I’m a few days past the one year mark of coming out as trans and it felt like as soon as that happened my world collapsed. My therapist and I are calling this a transitional...

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seriously though. If you’ve noticed a typo or are excited to work with me I’d love to chat and see what we can do together. Or get my editor on it, depending on the issue. 

Grey Armstrong