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the renaissance man

Grey Armstrong

My Story

A minority lottery winner, I have spent my life getting to see the world through others perspectives. Originally from small-town Ohio I alway felt out of place and yearned for something more. Bored with school and wanting to escape my personal life,I dove deep into learning about the world, other cultures, people, and what makes us human. 

I figured I’d always be in Ohio, a little out of place and bit out of step with my peers. To the ridicule of the adults around me, in college I decided I was going to get a degree in communications, deeply fascinated by humanity, what motivates us, and how we share that with others. 


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For writing around race and culture check out my other blog!

Reflections After Top Surgery

It's been six weeks since surgery and I feel a bit bad that I haven't been able to update you all on how I am doing. So, I wanted to take a quick moment to do so, and talk a little bit about how the healing process has been for me so far. Physically, the surgery was...

For Blues Muse

For Blues Muse

I'll do the emotional write-up later but for now, a quick set of stuff. Personal stuff! My other sites: About blues and culture , Support my creative work, read more of my writingMy pronouns: He/Him I am currently running a fundraiser for chest masculinization. Most...

Why I decided to fundraise for Top Surgery

Why I decided to fundraise for Top Surgery

I’m a simple but determined man*. Who wants one thing. My shirts to fit right. This little thing, this small desire from when I was 12, has set off a chain reaction. One that leads me, begrudgingly, to this present moment. I didn’t know what a trans person was, all I...

Moving, into a new chapter

Moving, into a new chapter

I never tell people when I leave. After many years of people not noticing or caring and most importantly, me not wanting to be noticed, I’ve decided to try something different. I’m leaving Colorado. The past almost two years, people have been asking me; how long I’m...

Exciting news!

Exciting news!

I finally decided what I want to be when I grow up (for now), a renaissance man! (No I’m not running away to the fair.) So... When the pandemic took away dancing and then over time dwindling interest in online dance classes, I really found myself lost. I stumbled head...

Don’t just practice!

Don’t just practice!

As much of the world is moving so much of our social dances to online mediums, I’m noticing an increase of focus on trying new skills, solo dancing, and practice. There are groups and lessons and training and world wide challenges. But, as an instructor, I’m beginning...

Hire ME

Seriously though. If you’ve noticed a typo or are excited to work with me I’d love to chat and see what we can do together. Or get my editor on it, depending on the issue.