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Grey Armstrong

Writer. Instructor. Lecturer. Cultural Competency Consultant


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Shame: A Destroyer of Relationships

Shame: A Destroyer of Relationships

No matter where I went and the wild range of people I became invested in, there came a time that inevitably the relationship would shatter. Like cold glass heated too quickly. And just as unexpectedly.
What does he have that I don’t?!

What does he have that I don’t?!

The air was cold on my skin as I took my nightly walk, replying to a friend's voice message. Suddenly I was overcome with an emotional sucker punch that doubled me over. My mind blanked reliving a series of memories I thought I’d long moved past. My soul and voice raw...

No one

Everyone says you're special but if we all are, then no one is and I, am no one no one to see no one to hear no one to stand out but back in the shadows the depths of life to richen the brightness with contrast Still. they find me Dragging me warily forward to the...


Don't make me helpless Tied down entangled in the dark every creak and whisper sending chills to my core Body flushing to chase it away… the icy touch of fear eyes straining to see what isn't there or is it? the void shows no signs of friend nor foe I couldn't act...

put it away

put it away put it away the pain the guilt the shame put it away the need to be the want to exist the knowledge that you are different you aren't wanted you are in the way! put yourself away. away from our eyes our hearts because we don't want to care and can't if you...

The Facts of Life

it's a fact that people lie at times, ommision swallowed tongues from fear at times, purposeful to hide from their shame at times, to hurt keeping secrets till they explode it's a fact right? a Truth ... or is that too, a lie. a lie that spread with the lie of...

My Story

A minority lottery winner, I have spent my life getting to see the world through others perspectives. Originally from small-town Ohio I alway felt out of place and yearned for something more. Bored with school and wanting to escape my personal life,I dove deep into learning about the world, other cultures, people, and what makes us human. 

I figured I’d always be in Ohio, a little out of place and bit out of step with my peers. To the ridicule of the adults around me, in college I decided I was going to get a degree in communications, deeply fascinated by humanity, what motivates us, and how we share that with others. 


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