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put it away 
put it away
the pain
the guilt
the shame

put it away
the need to be 
the want to exist
the knowledge that you 
are different
you aren't wanted
you are in the way!

put yourself away.

away from our eyes
our hearts
because we don't want to care
and can't if you are there

put it away
your childish joy
and energy are a nuisance
your stuff, in the way
your hunger an irritant
how. dare. you.

Control Yourself.

put it away
micromanage your soul into submission
don't breath 
don't run
don't jump
don't feel

put it away
be a statue in the corner
attacting no attention
surpressing every desire
because WE don't want you

put yourself away for our convience
you the cause of our discomfort
your selfishness for being

put IT away.