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it's a fact that people lie
at times, ommision 
swallowed tongues  from fear
at times, purposeful
to hide from their shame
at times, to hurt
keeping secrets till they explode 

it's a fact right?
a Truth
or is that too, a lie.
a lie that spread with the lie of goodness
noble and caring lies aren't lies at all!
if i silence my truth for you, aren't i good?
if I declaw you, no one will be hurt
it's for your own good
I'll protect you by protecting myself
doesn't you see it's for all of our health?!

twisted and torn, our trust in tatters
because you thought what they taught
was Allll that matters

but what if it's all just lies

what if you've got you and I, me
I hold you in my heart
your fear shame and hurts
unafraid of your claws
for scratches heal
if you mistakenly forget to sheath them 
I've got you
you've got me

I thought that was the truth of it
the fact of our choosing
is reality not what we make it?