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Everyone says you're special
but if we all are,
then no one is
and I,
am no one

no one to see
no one to hear
no one to stand out
but back in the shadows
the depths of life
to richen the brightness 
with contrast

Still. they find me
Dragging me warily forward
to the pedestal
as if I have value to them
When I have nothing

Just me

A thing no one wanted
a scrap of litter in the ditch
thrown away without thought
in the fields of Ohio

ripped through and scarred
naked and afraid
in the soupy muddy sludge
others, face down
some burble no more

I stare at the night sky
determined to walk amoung the stars
to see what is out there
to accept what is
or to crawl towards something better

I'm happy just to be here
to still have me
even broken and discarded

I just never thought anyone
would notice me