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I experience faceblindness so it is a 95% chance that if we meet again/ run into each other in the future I won’t recognise you. It’s not personal. It can be helpful if you reintroduce yourself and where we met. If we have known each other for a while and you aren’t sure, or you changed something about your style, it’s a safer bet to do the same. I MAY remember you but then again, I don’t always recognise family members so…. again, not personal.

More time spent in a small group or one on one = higher chances of distinguishing you but no guarantees.

Teacher Stuff

The best way to contact me professionally: greyarmstrongdance @

Yes I do virtual lessons, virtual lectures and teacher training.

Expand your blues playlist:


  • Many instructors have public playlists they may let you access for your scenes.
  • Pandora Blues station is better than you think.
  • There are other people who have done the same work you have
  • Private lessons aren’t always for physical movement and can be virtual.

Groups you may find helpful:

Make sure you read and answer any questions before requesting membership. Also, tell anyone you invite to do the same, or they will not be accepted most likely.

BIPOC DANCERS (yes this group is inclusive for white passing and mixed folks)



See y’all next time!

Again Fundraiser here.

Me and Lily the best cat I have been missing dearly