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Shame: A Destroyer of Relationships

Shame: A Destroyer of Relationships

No matter where I went and the wild range of people I became invested in, there came a time that inevitably the relationship would shatter. Like cold glass heated too quickly. And just as unexpectedly.

To Feel Safe

Why must I carry your fears as well as my own? to make you feel safe at the loss of me? do my fears matter not? must I always be fearless? I wish to shout I am just as afraid! Yet, I honor your fear and hold it as it lashes out at me a broken nose will heal a...


I once said I was a cactus needing little love and tenderness hardy; a survivor used to droughts of love I store the remains deep inside for the days to come. I wasn’t born a cactus prickly and guarded subborn and resistant unhardened plants die in the cold...


such a shame the glitter of gold that exists inside connot be seen by one’s own eyes

A Tree in the Forest

If I am worthy yet no one agrees am I mad, or doomed to be lonely? Does it even matter Value only exists where we decide right? I the bottom of the dog pile crushed under the weight of those standing on my shoulders if no one sees you, do you exist or a living ghost...