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Hey Y’all! My Name is Grey and I want to welcome you to my blog! I’m excited about casual place to have all of my writing on dance, blues dancing, teaching and more! up until this point majority of it has been on my personal facebook and its time to move beyond that. So, Welcome!

If we haven’t met, hi! My name is Grey Armstrong and teach dance, Write on intersectionality and black culture and am getting into pubic speaking. (Hire me. But really.) At 25 I am one of the younger international blues dance instructors but that means I have to work harder than the others to keep up. Teaching and dance is my passion and it’s a thing I’m almost always excited to discuss and speak on my approach. Unlike other dancers, I hated dance until college. I was terrifed. It was only through a lot of work and introspection that I fell in love with the dance and dancing again. This is incredibly formative to why I teach the way that I do, if I as a teacher can help students never feel what I did (or at least less of it) I’ll do everything in my power to do so. 

Outside of dance, You can find me either working on cooking, art or talking people’s ears off around culture and communication. Although a bit of a workaholic I do make time for my loved ones. My Cat T’challa Panther lily is my world and a great companion to my life of randomness, travels, and finding the joy even in the worst situations! 

I can’t wait to meet you!