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Hey y’all. I’m excited to be launching a blog along side (if you haven’t been reading that where have you BEEN) for more of my personal musings on dance, expression and art. as Obsidian becomes so bigger than me I find myself having so much I want to say and yet not able to find a place on the site on it, so I’m trying this out.

I’m excited to have a place for more casual writing that I hope will still be interesting, funny and informative but with a lot less deep topics. Some of the ideas I’m excited to touch on: dancing naked: the best way to learn solo dancing, how blues dancing made me blacker, What being a “rockstar” dancer is really like, and how I got started dancing. I think there are some important ideas and talking points we aren’t open about and I’m excited to explore them in writing in a fun way.

I hope you stick around!